As the lead designer for Topps KICK21 (a soccer card trader app), I developed assets for the launch of the app, such as evergreen cards to be utilized all year. I created a plethora of special and limited cards, while also art directing freelancers to create cards and handle the production of thousands of cards.
App Assets
These are app assets I created, including a logo, splash screen, store images, and article headers.
Evergreen Cards
​​​​​​​Below are customizable card templates I made to be used throughout the year.
Insert Cards
Special, limited cards were made throughout the year. Through collaboration with the app producer, we decided on thematic card sets, sometimes relating to special events. Each set would be showcased with article header backgrounds, corresponding with card artwork.
Champions League Tournament
Created a variety of cards with assets provided by the UCL to release during the tournament,
​​​​​​​Motion Cards made utilizing team colors in conjunction with the duotone color mode.
Super Strikers
Limited cards showcasing exciting strikers in the Champions League.
Speed Merchants
Cards celebrating some of the fastest players in the Champions League.
Astral Collection
A fun, space themed box set for Bundesliga.